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Corona, CA Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair Service

Sanborn’s is the heat pump repair experts homeowners in Corona, CA trust when disaster strikes and your heat pump goes down. We work quickly and efficiently to get your heat pump back up and running again.

Our expertise in heat pump systems allows us to diagnose and repair or replace heat pumps quickly, so your home returns to the perfect ambient temperature.

Signs Your Corona, CA Heat Pump Needs to Be Repaired

Sanborn’s is your heat pump repair specialist in Corona, CA, and we understand the warning signs when a heat pump requires repair. They include:

Excessive Noise

Heat pumps are generally quiet, so when they make noise, you know something inside is failing. Call us before the noise becomes worse. Sometimes the problem is solved by simple maintenance, and at other times the repair may prevent a more expensive issue from occurring. 

Higher Electric Bills

As a heat pump struggles to do its job, it uses more energy. This can mean you need a new heat pump, maintenance, or repairs. Diagnosing higher energy usage is easier, and with a repair, you bring energy consumption back to normal while helping boost the unit’s efficiency. 

Ice Forming

It is normal for ice to form on the coils during the heating process. There’s a defrost cycle, and if that cycle is not working correctly, ice can remain on the coils. Inspection, diagnosis, and repair will return the unit to regular operation. 

Short Cycling

Short cycling of your heat pump may be an issue with the thermostat or a connection between the thermostat system. Inspecting the thermostat and the heat pump system is an easy way to return the system to normal. Other issues that cause short cycling are a coolant leak and clogged furnace filter. 

Poor Temperature Control

There are several problems that can lead to temperature control issues. They may be related to thermostat control issues, internal issues such as a coolant leak, and dirty filters, etc. We can inspect and diagnose issues resulting in poor temperature control and bring the heat pump and system back to normal. 

Strange Odors

When your heat pump system begins to cause strange odors, it most likely needs to be cleaned. Mold can begin to grow in the damper areas of the unit or the ductwork. There may be a leak inside or a clogged drain that causes moisture to pool.

Maintenance is the key to extending the lifecycle of your heat pump. If there are noises, smells, or issues with the unit’s inability to regulate ambient temperature, give us a call. It is much more affordable to fix a heat pump before it breaks, and the sooner repairs are complete, the less damage the unit may suffer. 

How to Tell If You Should Repair or Replace Your Heat Pump

Should you replace or repair a heat pump that is having problems? Repair is a better option when:

  • You hold a warranty on the system. If the warranty is still in place, it offsets the cost of repairs and can help extend the unit’s lifecycle. 
  • The heat pump is under 10 years of age. Most heat pumps last between 10 and 15 years. If the unit is less than 10 years old, it likely has a lot of life left in it. 
  • The heat pump has not required repairs before. Unless the breakage is catastrophic, and the heat pump is not requiring constant repairs, it is better to repair the unit rather than replace it. 
  • The repair is minor and reasonable. Minor repairs at reasonable costs mean you put off the more significant expense of replacing a heat pump. If the repair is minor, it is cheaper than buying and installing a new unit.

How Can I Protect My Heat Pump?

As the heat pump repair experts in Corona, CA, we can tell you that maintenance is the single best way to protect your heat pump. Sanborn’s recognizes the value of maintenance for heating and cooling appliances and offers a range of maintenance programs to fit your needs.

Regular maintenance helps boost the unit’s efficiency, meaning that it uses less energy. Maintenance also is a way to ensure that the ambient temperature of your home remains comfortable. Regular maintenance also catches the little things before they become major repair service calls.

Call Sanborn’s Today for Heat Pump Repairs in Corona, CA

As your local Corona, CA heat pump repair specialists, we are here when you need us to diagnose and repair a faulty heat pump quickly. We offer professional and comprehensive repair and replacement services for heat pump systems throughout the Corona, CA community.

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