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Redlands Commercial HVAC Thermostat Controls & Upgrades

Help Keep Employees and Customers Comfortable

A thermostat is a tool that you can’t live without once you’ve had one. Nothing compares to the ability of being able to effectively control your business’s temperatures with the click of a button. This provides employees a comfortable working environment and gives you the benefit of adjusting heating and cooling settings anytime.

At Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we pride ourselves in our commercial HVAC thermostat controls & upgrades. Our goal is to give you and your employees more control over their comfort while saving on energy bills. When you and your business need programmable thermostat services in Redlands, CA, and the surrounding areas, get in contact with us.

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Customized Temperature Control

If you’re on the fence about investing in smart thermostats, consider the following benefits. Without one, you’ll be missing out on savings, efficiency, among other important benefits. Get in contact with us for thermostat benefits like:

Keep Employees Comfortable

Smart commercial thermostats offer optimal comfort levels for your office. With an upgraded heating and AC system, you can program the thermostat to bring your building’s temperature to a comfort level during working hours and reduce the usage overnight when nobody is around. Walking into a perfectly controlled climate office setting simply can’t be beaten on a hot or cold day.

Save on Energy Bills

Commercial thermostat controls & upgrades play a large role in your monthly electric bill. Setting your business temperature and then forgetting to set it to a more cost-saving option before leaving for the day can add up after a while. A frequent top reason that our clients seek out smart thermostat upgrades is so they can ultimately drive down their office energy usage and expenses.

Smart commercial HVAC controls give you the power to adjust the temperature when nobody is in the office to do it manually. They also have more precise monitor sensors that will provide more consistent control of the climate.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Aside from simply saving you money, upgrading your thermostat also saves on energy itself. Older heating or cooling units can only turn on and off to reach their desired temperatures, while upgraded systems feature electronic sensors that repair that. Your system won’t be chugging along, turning on and off all day with an electronic sensor as these send signals to dampers and valves while regulating outside air, leading to a significant increase in energy efficiency. Instead, it’ll be able to easily give your home consistent temperatures in every room. Give our phone number a call today to see how our high-quality thermostats can positively affect your business.

Why Upgrade Your Commercial Thermostat?

There was a time when the word “smart” was only applied to people, but these days it’s also applied to inanimate objects. The world of HVAC units has also been affected by this “smart” revolution and our commercial thermostat controls & upgrades services are here to help you enjoy the plethora of benefits.

Here are a few reasons why this is a very good thing to steer into:

Better Analytics and Data

More accurate data can only lead to smarter decisions. Smart units give you analytic insight into your HVAC energy consumption trends, equipment operation, and usage over a given period. Commercial smart HVAC controls provide you with the data needed to use and create useful analytics for smarter choices for your business in the future.

Reduced Down Time

Many businesses – particularly restaurants, offices, and retail stores – rely on their heating and cooling systems working successfully so often that their day to day affairs could come to an abrupt halt if there was ever a heating or air conditioning breakdown. Smart thermostats have specific programmable controls that monitor their activity so that when any equipment requires attention, the problem can be addressed before a breakdown.


Our commercial thermostat controls & upgrades let you take advantage of the device’s complex scheduling capabilities. These programmable systems are created to accommodate multiple schedules for each day of the week, including holidays, and they will automatically recognize daylight savings time. For these benefits and more, give Sanborn’s phone number a call today!

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Trust Sanborn’s for All Commercial HVAC Services

Smart thermostat upgrades allow you to achieve the best output and control possible with your HVAC system. Our heating and air conditioning experts have years of experience servicing the local community, and we are happy to work with you on any of your commercial thermostat needs.

Are you ready to upgrade your commercial Redlands, California area business to a new and improved programmable thermostat? Make sure to call Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating Inland Empire team to schedule an installation service today!

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