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Redlands Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Commercial Preventative Maintenance

Whether you own or operate a small business or run a large company, you know there are seemingly a million different things to take care of on a daily basis. Sometimes, during the daily grind, important tasks such as the maintenance of your commercial heating and cooling systems are neglected.

Maintaining your commercial HVAC system, though, is of the utmost importance to providing your employees and customers with year-round comfort. Keeping your business’ HVAC system in top condition is as easy as picking up the phone and calling the NATE-certified HVAC technicians at Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating. We provide commercial services to the restaurant, retail, industrial, medical, educational, and corporate industries.

When you sign up for one of Sanborn’s commercial maintenance plans, we’ll even remind you of your next preventive maintenance appointment and schedule a time that works best for you! For all of your commercial HVAC equipment needs, contact Sanborn’s for reliable solutions today.

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What is Commercial Preventative Maintenance?

When your commercial heating and air conditioning system is running fine, you don’t give it much thought. But imagine it breaking down on a triple-digit day in the middle of a workday in Redlands, California. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable, but it will send customers out the door faster than they came in. Many times these unfortunate scenarios can be avoided with commercial preventative HVAC maintenance.

Just like your home’s heating and air conditioning system, commercial HVAC systems need regular maintenance, too; usually on an annual basis. Commercial HVAC preventative maintenance is performed by a certified commercial HVAC technician who inspects and cleans the system, ensuring it will perform optimally and efficiently throughout the year.

Commercial heating and cooling systems are much larger than those found in homes around Redlands, California. They also come with different equipment and are much more complex, so you definitely need the expertise of a qualified air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality technician to thoroughly inspect your commercial system.

Benefits of Commercial Preventative Maintenance

When you contact Sanborn’s for commercial HVAC tune up services, your employees, consumers, and your Redlands, CA, or San Bernardino business will receive many benefits, including:

Extending the life of the system and improving performance

A commercial HVAC tune up ensures that all of your heating and cooling equipment is clean and in good working order. The technicians at Sanborn’s can catch small problems before they lead to bigger, more expensive repairs or a new installation down the road. Commercial air conditioning and heating maintenance will also prolong the system’s lifespan by limiting wear and tear that leads to repairs and a shorter service life, thus improving its overall performance.

Lowering your energy bills

Heating and cooling costs make up the bulk of your commercial utility bills. A system that is regularly maintained and operating at full efficiency can save you hundreds of dollars per year. When your HVAC system starts showing signs of wear and tear and decreased overall performance, it’ll have to perform harder to keep your facility comfortable, causing an uptick in heating and cooling costs. Switching to a more efficient and cost-effective system can help.

Improving comfort

After all, the reason new commercial HVAC systems are installed is to keep your employees, clients, and customers comfortable whether it’s the middle of winter or a hot summer’s day. Keeping your commercial unit maintained keeps temperatures at proper levels and controls humidity through the facility. This keeps your employees comfortable and more productive, and your customers will also enjoy visiting a business that provides a comfortable environment.

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Commercial Preventative Maintenance from Sanborn’s

When you call Sanborn’s for commercial HVAC maintenance services in Redlands and San Bernardino, we’ll check your system from top to bottom to ensure it’s operating properly. We perform maintenance service on heating, air conditioning, geothermal, heat pump, mini split, and boiler systems.

Commercial Maintenance for Heating Systems

During our heating tune up, the technicians at Sanborn’s will perform the following and much more:

  • Clean system components
  • Inspect and change air filters, if necessary
  • Check for the possibility of carbon monoxide
  • Analyze the air delivery system to ensure maximum airflow throughout the Inland Empire area business
  • Perform a safety and efficiency inspection

Commercial Maintenance for Cooling Systems

Our technicians will provide the following services during an annual cooling system check of your commercial unit including:

  • System cleaning
  • System malfunction check
  • Analysis of the air delivery system
  • Safety and efficiency inspection
  • Checking and changing air filters

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At Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand how important a functioning HVAC system is to the success of your San Bernardino area business. Don’t trust your commercial HVAC needs to just anyone – call Sanborn’s for quality HVAC services each and every time. We can provide your company with reliable maintenance, repair, or new system installation services for your Inland Empire, California, area business. Contact us today for more information!

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