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Use Your HVAC to Fight Allergies in Redlands, CA

Use Your HVAC to Fight Allergies in Redlands, CA

Got allergies? Use your HVAC to fight allergies and live comfortably. In Redlands, CA, Sanborn’s helps you use your HVAC system efficiently to keep your allergies in check. You and your family don’t need to live with dirty air anymore—allergies and asthma, look out!

Know How to Use Your HVAC to Fight Allergies

Your allergies don’t need to impede on your life. Use your HVAC to fight allergies with these simple tips.

Identify your allergen

Every home has specific needs. Make sure you know what allergens are most common for you and your family. Pet dander is a big issue for some homes and minor in others; know your

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Protect Your Redlands Family from Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Protect Your Redlands Family from Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Carbon Monoxide, or CO, is a naturally-occurring gas. Too much CO, however, leads to CO poisoning, a common and preventable danger. In this blog, we’ll cover where carbon monoxide comes from, why it’s dangerous and how you can protect your family in your Redlands or Loma Linda, California home.  

What is Carbon Monoxide

When something burns fossil fuels, it produces the gas, carbon monoxide. Examples of fossil fuels are gasoline, wood, charcoal and propane. Sources of production include oil and gas furnaces, automobiles, gas-fueled generators, grills and gas fireplaces, among others. The gas is odorless, colorless and accumulates quickly in tightly-sealed or enclosed spaces.

Why is

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Sanborn’s Can Help Ease Those Winter Allergies

Sanborn’s Can Help Ease Those Winter Allergies

One reason so many people like living in Southern California is the warm, dry climate. For example, we’re sure you all have friends and neighbors who moved here years ago because of respiratory problems. In many cases, they came to the Inland Empire to escape the pollen and other allergens in places like the Midwest and South.

Sanborn’s Air Conditioning and Heating realizes many people with asthma and allergy problems benefit from the dry climate, but we still have to deal with winter allergies. Things like dust, dander, and pollen are pretty universal. The high desert can mean lots of dirt, dust, and sand. The famous

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