This may date me a bit, but does anyone remember that old board game called Operation? You know, it’s where the board is a human body, with little holes containing certain body parts like the heart, the funny bone, etc. Anyway, the object of the game is to remove the body parts with a pair of tweezers without touching the sides … if you do touch the sides, the board gives off an obnoxious buzz and you lose your turn.
Well, I’m sure some of you have experienced that buzz when you try and operate on the heart of your home, your heating and cooling system. Even if you have a steady hand, it’s a pretty good idea to leave heart operations to the doctors, in this case the HVAC professionals at Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating; who have been operating on heating and cooling systems in the Redlands, Banning and San Bernardino areas for decades. We have performed just about every type of HVAC heart operation there is, and we stand ready to tackle all of your heating and cooling issues.
A particularly touchy area of the heart is the arteries, right? Keeping the metaphor going, that would be your heating and cooling system’s ductwork, which circulates air throughout your home, just like real arteries circulate blood. It’s a great idea to keep those arteries clear, and such is the case with ductwork. Dirty ducts or leaky ductwork is not good for your home’s system and can lead to poor air flow, substantial air loss and higher energy bills. Also, ducts that have not been maintained and cleaned regularly transport plenty of allergens and contaminants throughout your home.
So, if you think the arteries of your home’s heart are dirty or even clogged, give the doctors at Sanborn’s a call. We will send our surgeons over for an extensive ductwork inspection, cleaning and sealing. If replacing ductwork is called for, we can handle that operation as well. We will also make sure every other facet of your home’s heating and cooling system is operating smoothly. Contact Sanborn’s today … our doctors love house calls!