Beware Cheap Air Conditioners Sold Online

Online retailing means it’s a different world for businesses compared to 20 years ago. That includes Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating. Nowadays we often get questions like this, “How much do you charge to install an air conditioner if I buy it online?” Our answer is simple and to the point, we don’t do it. Sanborn’s will not install air conditioners if we have not purchased it directly from the factory. We know that may sound harsh, but our reasons are straight-forward.
Warranty issues:
The issue here is too many times a homeowner buys a cheap air conditioner online and is promised a warranty that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. So, what happens when the online retailer doesn’t keep its promises? The buyer is left holding the bag and Sanborn’s is caught in the middle. We don’t want to have any part in a business transaction when we have no control over whether or not you’re going to be satisfied.
When you buy an air conditioner from Sanborn’s and have us install it, we are in control of the process from start to finish. The payoff for you is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and professional air conditioning service following the installation.
Manufacturer warranty not valid:
Even if you happen to find a name-brand air conditioner available online, you need to know many HVAC manufacturers clearly state they will not provide warranty coverage when their products are sold online. Additionally, from our standpoint, too many things can go wrong even if there is a manufacturer’s warranty. If Sanborn’s wasn’t involved in the design process to determine the proper sizing and correct airflow, why would we want to take the blame when there are problems in those areas? Unlike refrigerators and big screen TV’s, air conditioners are not plug and play. They have to be carefully designed to fit your home’s needs.
Damage or return issues:
Just for argument’s sake, let’s say we decide to do the installation for you (we won’t). We clear our schedule and send the install team to do the work. Upon arrival they find the unit was damaged during shipment, has parts missing, or simply doesn’t work after it’s installed. When we send you a bill for the installation you’re not going to be happy if the air conditioner isn’t working. Once again, Sanborn’s is stuck in the middle of a fight between you and the online retailer.
Hey, Sanborn’s knows the world is changing. We all do some online shopping, but there has to be a limit. Don’t be fooled into thinking buying a cheap air conditioner directly from a website is like buying a book, clothes, or lawn mower. When it comes to an appliance this complex, and yes, expensive, it’s just not worth the risk. Sanborn’s has a team of professionals to make sure the air conditioner you buy is the right one for your home, and our people can handle custom installations.
Sanborn’s is your go-to heating and air conditioning contractor in Redlands and the entire Inland Empire. We carry a full line of central and ductless air conditioners that we buy directly from leading manufacturers. The Sanborn name has been well-known in heating and cooling since the 1940’s, long before anyone could imagine the internet. With our 5-Star guarantees, who would you rather trust? Sanborn’s or some fly-by-night website?