Is it Best to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

While there are certain times when repairing a large home investment item may be more cost-effective than replacing it, there are other times when the choice to repair or replace isn’t so easy to decide. Sometimes it will cost less now to repair, but end up costing you more money in the long run. Other times, the opposite may be true, and you might unnecessarily spend a lot of money now on a replacement when a cheap, simple air conditioning repair in Redlands, CA might’ve been the answer.
When it comes to furnaces and air conditioning systems, there are some questions you need to answer in order to help you decide if a repair or a replacement is in order.
First, consider the current overall working state of your unit. Is it running at all? Does it kick out the cool air it’s supposed to? If your unit isn’t running constantly and the airflow is adequate and still cold, a repair is probably all you need to fix strange noises, low R-22 refrigerant levels or a minor part replaced. However, if your unit no longer runs at all and is several years old, you’ll most likely want to call on a professional to evaluate the situation.
How old is your current unit? Professionals recommend that if your unit is more than 10 years old and is acting up, it might be better to opt for a brand new unit. When units are more than a decade old, they aren’t nearly as efficient as new ones, and the chances of sudden breakdown at inopportune times increases with age. You’ll want to call on an expert and talk costs: if the price of a new part would be more than 1/3 of the cost of a full replacement, you’ll want to just opt for a replacement, most likely.
Finally, think about how well preventive maintenance schedules have been followed for your unit so far. If it’s been neglected for years, never really seeing a preventive maintenance technician in its life (or if you don’t know), chances are good that you’ll want a replacement. At the same token, if you’ve been diligent with annual tune-ups and check-ups and there haven’t really been any issues in the past with your unit, it would make more sense to opt for repairs.
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