Be a Rebel - Go With a Rooftop Air Conditioner

Home and business owners are just like anyone else. Sometimes it’s just easier to fall into the comfort of the “old shoes”. You know, doing something a certain way just because that’s the way most people do it. Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating wants you to think outside the box. Have you ever thought about installing a rooftop air conditioner instead of a ground unit? If you think rooftop AC is only for commercial applications, it’s simply not the case, but the typical use of them for sure.
Sanborn’s is well versed in rooftop options designed for residential and commercial HVAC use. They come with some inherent advantages:

  • Ventilation/air movement – Unless a homeowner is really ambitious or dedicated, landscaping shrubs and vegetation can grow up around a ground mounted air conditioner. If the airflow is restricted it will make the unit less efficient. Unless you’ve been trading cows for beans, vegetation won’t be a problem on your roof.
  • Less accidental damage – A rock thrown by a lawnmower or the kids playing a backyard game can easily damage a condenser on the ground. And let’s face it, it’s not like adults don’t do silly things during backyard parties. A rooftop AC unit is protected from all of those activities.
  • Noise – Today’s air conditioners are quieter than they ever have been, but the noise is still noticeable. Especially if you’re sitting on a patio or deck just a few feet away. Unless you throw some really wild parties, it’s doubtful you’ll be socializing on your roof.
  • Space – Sanborn’s doesn’t have to tell you this, but real estate is at a premium in Southern California. Many home lots and backyards are quite small. Putting an air conditioner on the ground can limit your options for landscaping and recreational use.

We’re not saying rooftop air conditioners are the right choice for you, but you won’t know until you call Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating and talk with our system designers. We are pleased to feature rooftop AC units by Trane.  Business owner’s can rely on the professionally trained, NATE certified staff to ensure their cooling and heating systems will be Consistently efficient and operational through ongoing maintenance and quality installations.  
There’s a reason why Sanborn’s is the air conditioning leader in San Bernardino, Yucaipa, and the surrounding areas.