Be a Rebel - Go With a Rooftop Air Conditioner

Do you know about the benefits rooftop air conditioning systems offer across the Inland Empire area? Both home and business owners alike are used to the ground-level air conditioner units that are most common, but when you simply look up, you’ll find a whole new opportunity for convenient comfort! The pros at Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating share the advantages of rooftop cooling systems so you can decide whether one is right for your home or business.

The Benefits of Rooftop Air Conditioning Systems

With a unique configuration that most aren’t accustomed to, rooftop HVAC systems deliver some distinct advantages you won’t find in every cooling system type.

1. Versatility

When you think about rooftop AC units, you likely picture those big metal boxes atop a flat roof of a commercial building. While rooftop cooling systems are popular in commercial buildings, they are not limited to this application. Though not as common, rooftop air conditioners are perfectly suitable for residential use, too! 

2. Saves Space

Small yards are commonplace in Southern California, which means every square inch of outdoor ground space is valuable. When you choose a rooftop heating and cooling system, you don’t lose several square feet to cooling system installation. There’s no concrete pad to pour, no landscaping disruption or cutting down the size of your outdoor living space! The unit sits atop the roof, taking up space you wouldn’t otherwise use.

3. Avoid Accidental Damage

While rooftop units are typically not as shielded from the elements as grounded air conditioners, they are well protected from accidents caused by human error. Their location atop the house means they won’t be harmed by a runaway lawnmower or loose ball. You don’t have to worry about other ground-level threats such as a territorial dog causing condenser damage or other outdoor pests. Avoiding this damage can help your cooling system last longer, one of the valuable benefits rooftop air conditioning units present!

4. Quieter Operation

The noise produced by an outdoor air conditioner can typically be heard inside the home. While today’s air conditioners are built to be as quiet as possible, some noise is inevitable, and you may find it a disruption – especially if you are relaxing outdoors. One of the unique benefits rooftop air conditioner systems offer is reduced noise because there is more distance between you and the unit.

5. Easy Access for Regular Maintenance and Repairs

When repairs or maintenance are required for your ground-level air conditioner, you’ll have a technician accessing your home, making trips in and out to service both indoor and outdoor equipment. With a rooftop air conditioner, the equipment is accessed from outdoors so there’s no disruption inside your home. Because they’re up high, one of the benefits rooftop air conditioner units present is easier maintenance, as they aren’t subjected to all the debris below that can build up and cause damage within the unit.

6. Improved Ventilation

One thing many homeowners don’t realize is that air conditioners need ample clear space surrounding the outdoor unit to operate properly. Air needs to freely flow in and out of the unit. With ground units, there are more potential barriers, including leaves and lawn debris, shrubbery, outdoor items stored too close, and even the house itself. Up on the roof, rooftop units are surrounded by clear, open space.

7. Better Security

Unfortunately, there will always be those who damage or steal air conditioners and their components. When your air conditioner is installed on the ground, it’s much easier for a thief or vandal to access. A rooftop air conditioner is harder to reach, and any attempt to do so will be much more conspicuous. Rooftop air conditioning units are more secure and protected compared to conventional split systems.

Ready for a Rooftop Air Conditioner?

The benefits rooftop HVAC units deliver are unlike what many Inland Empire homeowners are used to with standard ground-level units. However, we think a look at the list above will turn you on to the advantages these systems present. To learn more and see if a rooftop unit is right for your home, contact us today to speak to a heating, cooling, and indoor air quality technician. For all of your residential and commercial HVAC needs, including installation of a rooftop HVAC system, get in touch with Sanborn’s today.