A Word from Our Experts: The Importance of Proper Installation

It’s true that upgrading your old air conditioner or furnace to a new unit that has a high efficiency rating will have many positive effects – on the environment, on your wallet, and on your level of comfort and safety. A new furnace or air conditioner can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each season, and can safely keep you and your family comfortable all year long for many years.
However, all of these benefits of a new system (or even air conditioning repair in Redlands, CA) are going to be null and void if it isn’t installed correctly. It’s imperative that consumers never underestimate the importance of proper installation by a certified professional from Sanborn’s. Improper installation uses more energy, and your system is going to work much harder than it should in order to keep your home at the desired temperature.
When installation is faulty, it will feel like your home is being heated and cooled properly, for a while, but improper installation will cost you twice as much in energy bills compared to if it were installed properly. In regards to the installation of the primary system that keeps your family safe and comfortable, you truly do get what you pay for.

The Perils of Improper Installation

Improper installation can cause several specific issues that will cost you money and invariably shorten the longevity of your residential or commercial air conditioning in Redlands, California:

  • Improper Charge: If incorrect installation causes the refrigerant to be improperly charged in your unit, your AC is going to have to work harder and work longer, which translates into higher bills for you. It will also considerably shorten the life of your unit.
  • Low Airflow: When the airflow is not at the level it should be, your air conditioner is going to have to stay on longer to cool your home – every single time it kicks on. With limited airflow, rooms in your home may feel uncomfortable to be in.
  • Air Duct Leakage: Leaks in your air ducts can be caused by careless or improper installation, and will in turn cause a tremendous amount of airflow loss. This will not only cause your system to work harder and wear out faster, but will cost you quite a bit of money every month on your energy bills.

Sanborn’s for Proper Installation and AC Repair in San Bernardino, CA

All of our service technicians here at Sanborn’s are professionally trained and follow a comprehensive checklist for installations and repairs on every job. This ensures a proper installation every time. In addition, we back our workmanship with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are concerned that your system may have been installed incorrectly, contact us! When you need installation you can depend on, and be sure is accurate, always count on Sanborn’s.