With the 92nd Annual Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival, thousands of locals and tourists alike will flock to Smiley Park to take in the sounds and sights of dozens of concerts, music workshops, interviews with musicians, and more. With so many fans gathered for long periods of time in the hot summer air, it’s important that everyone does everything possible to stay healthy and as comfortable and cool as possible; especially since the average high temperature in Redlands, CA in July is 95 degrees Fahrenheit!
There are several things you can do this summer if you’re headed to the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival to keep cool and safe during the hottest month of the year. It’s important to not just take precautions while you are outdoors, but also while you are indoors before and after your outing. For example, after a long stay in the heat, it’s important that you’re able to come home to a cool, comfortable home to help your body recover from the long hours you’ve spent in the heat. Be sure to have Sanborn’s come out for annual Redlands air conditioning maintenance tune-ups to keep your system in top shape! Following are some more tips to help you survive the summer music festival season:

  1. Plan your schedule carefully. It’s vital that you plan time for rest; although you might think that you’ll be able to run home to your Redlands AC service in between stages, the reality is that you’ll actually need resting time after being out in the hot sun for so long, but you won’t want to rush home and back. Prioritize your schedule for the groups you really want to see, and during the acts you’d be ok with missing, plan to rest in the shade.
  2. Take along snacks and plenty of water. Crowded, hot music festivals are often not the easiest places to get food and drink, so you’ll want to have some on-hand yourself during your time out at the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival. Carry a water bottle with you and constantly drink from it to prevent dehydration; heat-related injuries from dehydration are more common than you might think at music festivals, and you wouldn’t want to miss the rest of the festival because you got sick from a lack of water!
  3. Sleep when you can! It would be great if we could all go the festival from start to finish and see every group without sleeping – however, the reality of course is that you’re going to need to sleep. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll compensate for a lack of sleep by drinking a bunch of caffeine, either; caffeine contributes significantly to dehydration! Plan out times during the day to rest, and make an extra effort to sleep as much as possible during the nights.
  4. Be smart when it comes to alcohol, and limit it (or better yet, stay away from it). You’ll want to keep your wits about you and remain in control in public while you’re around a bunch of strangers! When the 95-degree heat of Redlands combines with exhaustion, your body will respond to alcohol differently than it usually does, which means you could very likely end up ruining your night, ending up in the hospital, or worse. In addition, alcohol will dehydrate you pretty quickly. If nothing else, you’ll need to use those port-a-johns a lot more often than you’d like to!
  5. Don’t forget some toiletries. Music festivals generally are not places where you need to worry about looking glam, so leave your collection of make-up and hairstyling aids at home. However, you will want to bring a travel-sized pack of tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitizers, and also an extra small towel or two. Many people have found that bringing facial wipes and hand wipes are great for freshening up when showers aren’t available with easy access.

The best way to survive the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival is to prepare – not just for your time during the festival, but for some recovery time at home afterwards as well. Call Sanborn’s air conditioning repair in Redlands for all your air conditioning needs; we’ll help make sure that you have a nice, cool and comfy home to return to after the long, hot days at your favorite music festival this summer!