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4 Signs You May Need to Replace a Heat Pump in your Redlands Home

Do you have a heat pump or do you have an air conditioner and furnace in your Redlands, California home? If you’re not sure, we’ll start there. Then, we’ll go over four signs it’s trying to tell you it needs assistance or a total replacement.  

Quick Review: Heat Pump or Not

Quite simply, a heat pump works year round to heat and cool your home. Some people have an air conditioner to cool their home. They usually have a furnace to heat their home. A heat pump performs both functions.

Unlike a furnace, however, it does not generate heat to warm the air. Heat pumps, literally, pump heat between indoors and outdoors. In winter, a heat pump extracts heat from outdoor air and brings it inside. In warmer weather a heat pump removes heat from inside the house and pumps it outdoors.

A ground-source, or geothermal heat pump works similarly except it withdraws heat from the ground or a nearby water source instead of the air. The quickest way to determine is to find the model number on your equipment and search online. This should tell you pretty quickly.

Or, schedule a tune-up with Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating. If you’re not sure whether you have a heat pump, its maintenance record may also be a mystery. This is easy to fix with a visit from Sanborn’s.

#1 Sign to Replace a Heat Pump – Frequent Repairs

Like any mechanical device, it’s going to fail at some point. If, however, repairs and breakdowns happen more than two or three times each year, it’s a lot.

At what point does the cost of repairs compete with the cost of a new system? Consider the repair cost as well as your time.

Did you have to stay home from work to meet the repair person? If you are paid hourly or you lost productivity due to these additional errands, it adds to the cost. Are your utility bills higher than your neighbors’ because of the pump’s faulty performance? Include these costs in your evaluation as well.

When you consider the cost, be sure to subtract any rebates from the manufacturer as well as local utilities for energy-efficient appliances. With a new heat pump, you’ll enjoy a new warranty too!

#2 Sign to Replace a Heat Pump – High Electric Bills

When it comes to small water leaks, most people don’t know until a water bill arrives in the triple digits. Likewise, if your electric bills have spiked or just steadily increased without a change in appliances, it signals energy is vanishing somewhere.

A home’s heating and cooling is a significant portion of the average American’s energy consumption. Let’s make sure you’re not using more than you need or paying for more than you need.

#3 Sign to Replace a Heat Pump – Odd Noises

It’s common to hear noises when the system stops and starts. Most of these are subtle and rarely draw attention. Unusual noises, however, are often a result of loose vents or components, worn out belts or motors and dirty filters. Routine maintenance may fix this or reveal the need for a replacement.

#4 Sign to Replace a Heat Pump – Uneven Temperatures

Do you find some rooms differ from others in temperature or comfort? Depending on your floor plan, you may discover different areas of the same room are warmer or colder than others. If doors and windows are evenly opened or closed, such a difference should not exist.

We recommend a visit from a Sanborn’s technician. He or she will carefully evaluate all the variables, internally and externally. Sometimes a minor maintenance issue clears up the problem. Some homes have airflow blockages or leaks in their ventilation system.

Once these are resolved, the HVAC system performs as needed. If none of these types of issues are the cause, the Sanborn’s team prepares recommendations for you, which may include a replacement.

Conclusion: For Heat Pump Repair, Service and Replacement in Redlands, CA, Call Sanborn’s

So, if you’re a homeowner in the Redlands area, such as East Highland or Beaumont, California, please consider Sanborn’s Air Conditioning & Heating when it’s time to service, repair or replace your heating and cooling system.

A heat pump benefits from routine service but if it needs frequent repairs, costs a lot to operate, makes strange noises or fails to evenly heat or cool your home – you may need a new one.

We offer a 5 Star Guarantee on our service, which includes Comfort, Cost, Quality, Completion and Carefree. Achieve this with our 5 Star Comfort Plan. It makes routine maintenance easy and affordable.

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